South Africa - Swaziland - Mozambique 2004
We started our next adventure in July 2004, 4 weeks in South-Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique.
We flew with BMI to London Heathrow, and from there with South-African Airlines to Johannesburg, or as they like to say to Jo'burg. Anton, one of our travel companions, truck driver and chef cook, picked us up from the airport.
He brought us to our first stay,
where we also met our fellow travel companions.
The first night we found out what it means to be in the winter in South-Africa, it was freezing cold that night.
The first part of our trip we visited the little kingdom                   .
One of the few countries without a cinema, and when the King is sick on a national holiday.... they just postpone this day until he is well again.
We stayed for 2 days in Mlilwane Reserve, a national park before we moved on to Mozambique.
Our next stop is                        a country torn, after 20 years of civil war. But now, 10 years after the war, on its way back to rebuild this beautifully country
Where the nature is beautifull, the beaches clean and white. The people friendly, the food great....

But sadly enough... almost no wild live due to the war... and landmines spread around the country, and nobody exactly know anymore where they are.....
The Kingdom of Swaziland
When we passed the border at Namaacha, our first stop was the capital city Maputo. Here you find a lot of old buildings back in the time that  the country still was a Portuguese colony.
In Maputo we had the chance to change our money into Meticais,  € 1,00 was 28.000 Meticais, so you can figure out your self.... for once in my life i was a real millionair.........
Once we had our money, it was time to go to our first campsite in Mozambique, Casa Lisa.
Here we learned from Chris, how to drink "Springbok".
Look to the left...look to the right... then jump... jump... Again look to the left...look to the right, and when all is safe, take the little glass in your mouth, and drink it all in one time.... Thank you Chris for learning us how to drink Springbok the right way...........
Our next stop, after a long drive.... Tofo beach
After visiting beautiful Tofo, we are on our way to Vilankulo ( the former Vilanculos), a small village near the coast. Here we stayed in so called A-frames, near the beach, and near our next diving school "Vilanculos Dive Charters" Where Renoir le Noury rules over this school. We only stayed here for one night. And the next day Renoir took us to our first divingspot 2 miles reef.
After our first dive we've went to our little "bounty island" Benguerra, part of the island group "Ilhas do Paradise" protected by WWF.
Here we stayed for 2 lovely days, and 3 nights. Luckily we had some great weather those days... as you should have on a your own little paradise island.
And as always.... all good things must come to an end. After some great days on this island it was time to go to our next stop Morrungulo.
Once in Morrungulo we where guests with Les & Marcia Hiller. Two very nice people with a lot of vriendly dogs to keep them company. From the moment we arrived they made us feel at home.
Twana Lodge
To Tofo Beach
underwater pictures
Benguerra 2
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